Can vary from mild pimples to boils

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Acne is probably the most common skin complaint of all, with most of us having experienced symptoms some point in our lives. Acne vulgaris lower case (its proper name) is what causes those dreaded spots, which can vary from mild pimples to boils, affecting the skin of your face, back, shoulders and chest.

Although acne is more common in adolescences, it is also problematic in later life with adult onset acne becoming more prevalent; widely thought to be associated with hormonal changes.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we understand that acne is a complex issue; what triggers a breakout in one person might be benign to another, a treatment that works wonders for one person can be totally ineffective for the next.

Recommended Treatments for Acne:

We receive fantastic results here at The Cooden Medical Group using foam sclerotherapy. Although the procedure is highly effective and works for the majority of patients, everyone is unique and as such we cannot guarantee its 100% success.



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