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Consultation including ultrasound scan £200
Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) £2100£2900
Avulsions or Stab Phlebectomy (Primary)£600£100
Avulsions or Stab Phlebectomy (Secondary)£600 per session
Venefit / ClosureFast Radiofrequency Ablation£2100£2900
Spider & Thread Veins (Telangiectasia)£300 per session
Foam Sclerotherapy (Primary)
Anti-Aging InjectionsPriceMen
One Area (also used for excessive sweating)from £150£190
Two Areas£240£270
Three Areas£300£320
Dermal FillersPrice
Lipsfrom £250
Tear Troughfrom £300
Tear Troughfrom £500
Other TreatmentsPrice
Botox for gummy smile
Mesotherapy For Skin, Cellulite and Hair LossFrom £80
Skin Peels and Resurfacing for Pigmentation£80
Microneedling & Dermaroller  For Skin, Scarring and Stretch MarksFrom £200
Platelete Rich Plasma/PRP/Vampire Facelift
Pigmentation and Sun Damage - Skin RejuvinationFrom £80
Thread Veins/Vascular Lesions - Laser VeinsFrom £90
Demalux™ LED Light TherapyFrom £50
Obagi® and ZO® Medical, Obagi® Skin CarePOC
Redencity Injectable Skin BoosterFrom £450
Micro-Needling£150 per session and £375 for three
Chemical Peels and resurfacers
Name of ProcedureTotal
General Surgeon consultation fee£200
Blood Diagnostics
Vasectomy consultation£600 per session
Removal of Ingrowing Toenail Surgery£800
Skin Lesions / excisions (warts/lipoma) – 1 including Consultation & histology£400add £159 for histology
Skin Lesions / excisions (warts/lipoma) – up to 1 including Consultation & histology£550add £159 for histology
Skin Lesions / excisions (warts/lipoma) – up to 3 including Consultation & histology£600add £159 for histology
Skin Lesions / excisions (warts/lipoma) – up to 6 including consultation & histology£700add £159 for histology
Skin Tags up to 10 including consultation£350
Initial consultation£250
Follow-up consultation£150
Healthy Heart Clinic (Age <45)£450Questionnaire, Transthoracic Echo, ECG and Physical examination. (This assessment is ideal for the individual who is training to get fit or training for a race or participating in sport and wants the knowledge that their heart is up to exercise).
Well Person Clinic (Age >45)
Package A£450Consultation, ECG, Transthoracic Echo
Package B£600Consultation, ECG, Transthoracic Echo, Blood Tests (Lipids, Glucose)
Package C£1,500Consultation, ECG, Transthoracic Echo, Blood Tests (Lipids, Glucose), CT Coronary Calcium Score (This assessment is for someone who wants the confidence that their heart is ok and the knowledge that all the cardiovascular risk factors have been addressed.)
Palpitations and Arrhythmias
Package A£400Consultation, 24hr tape (monitors for abnormal heart rhythm)
Package B£750Consultation, 24hr tape, Transthoracic Echo
Package C£950Consultation, 7 day monitor, Transthoracic Echo
High Blood Pressure
Package A£450Consultation, 24hr Blood pressure monitor
Package B£700Consultation, 24hr Blood pressure monitor, Renal USS, Blood Tests
Package C£9,000Consultation, 24hr Blood pressure monitor, CT renal angiography, Blood Tests, Renal Denervation Treatment
Individual Tests (Recommended by a consultant)
BP Monitor£250
24hr Tape£250
Trans oesophageal Echo£900
Transthoracic Echo£300
Bubble Echo£550
Procedures (operator fee only, procedural costs covered by insurance or additional costs) - not available on request, by consultant recommendation only.
Angiogram and FFR£1,200
Angiogram and IVUS (Intravascular Ultrasound)£1200
Permanent Pacemaker£675
Pacemaker Box Change£400
Name of ProcedureTotal
Upper Blepharoplasty£2,260.00
Prominent ear correction (Pinnaplasty)£2,500.00
Earlobe repair£1,050.00
Stretched earlobe repair£1,500.00
Gynaecomastia £2,500.00
Small liposuction cases£500.00
Scar revision surgery £800 - £1050
Tattoo excision£750 - £1000
ProcedureTime in TheatreTotal
Upper lid blepharoplasties60 mins£2,250.00
Correction on ectropion and entropion30 mins£600.00
Ptosis correction45 mins£1,700.00
Incision and curettage of chalazion15 minds£225.00
Removal of pterygium with autograft45 mins£1,275.00
Removal conjunctival lesions15 mins£225.00
Removal lid lesion/skin tag20 mins£400.00
Removal face cyst20mins£500.00


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