• Facial acne can be treated for a smoother complexion
  • treatment for facial and body acne can include chemical peels and laser treatment
  • facial acne can be treated at the Cooden Medical Centre
  • acne is a common skin complaint, experienced by most people
  • ND Peels before and after to treat acne

Acne is probably the most common skin complaint of all, with most of us having experienced symptoms some point in our lives. Acne vulgaris lower case (its proper name) is what causes those dreaded spots, which can vary from mild pimples to boils, affecting the skin of your face, back, shoulders and chest.

Although acne is more common in adolescences, it is also problematic in later life with adult onset acne becoming more prevalent; widely thought to be associated with hormonal changes.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we understand that acne is a complex issue; what triggers a breakout in one person might be benign to another, a treatment that works wonders for one person can be totally ineffective for the next.

Recommended Treatments for Acne:

The good news is that modern innovation has led to a wide range of solutions; either stand alone or more effectively, used as a combination of treatments. We are confident we will find the right one for you, saving your skin from further damage:

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can be specially formulated to help combat acne and reduce the incidence of acne scarring. We recommend the following:

  • Mandelic Acid Peel
  • Pyruvic Peel
  • Salicylic Acid Peel
  • Obagi Radiance® Peel
  • Obagi Blue Peel®
  • TCA Peel
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Dermalux™ LED Phototherapy

Dermalux™ LED Phototherapy harnesses the power of light to treat a number of different skin conditions. We use the antibacterial power of natural blue light as a stand-alone treatment, or more commonly combined with other treatments, to calm, heal and repair the skin.

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Dermaroller / Dermapen™

Dermaroller / Dermapen™ therapy uses advanced micro-medical skin needling to help stimulate the skin, encouraging it to regenerate and repair itself, naturally and safely, allowing tissues to heal.

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Laser Treatment

Laser treatment has been used for years to improve the texture of the skin, but now, with the advancement of specific technology, they are increasingly being used to effectively treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne. We use a Candela laser and using sublative technology offer incredible results, with no downtime.

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Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment helps introduce anti-oxidants to the skin, fights free radicals and inhibits the overproduction of sebum. By harnessing a cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, peptides, coenzymes, amino acids and antioxidants, we can offer effective relief from symptoms.

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Topical Homecare Treatments

Topical homecare treatments can improve very fine scarring. We recommend the Nu-Derm and Clenziderm ranges from Obagi® either as a whole or individually tailored programmes, dependent on the severity and stage of the condition. These powerful formulas can treat acne to clear, build and maintain strong skin from the inside out.

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