Varicose Vein Treatment: Taking The First Step

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we specialise in the most up-to-date vein procedures available anywhere in the UK. We understand that for whatever your reason for having vein treatment; either aesthetic or medical, the first step is never an easy one to take, for many reasons. To take this first step easier, we would like to share a personal testimonial recently scribed by one of our patients who chose our clinic to carry out EVLA for troublesome varicose veins. We hope you find this inspiring and informative.

I am a 73-yr old retired male scientist with a lifelong inherited varicose veins problem in both legs. My first operation was many years ago when the procedure was to pull the surface veins out, thereby causing trauma and a lot of bruising.
Another one I have had since was only marginally better, in taking the veins out in shorter sections, still under general anaesthetic. The latest procedures approved by NICE include laser ablation and foam injection which leave the veins in but collapse them and let the body get rid of them naturally as they empty and become redundant. This is done as a walk-in day procedure under just local anaesthetic, without trauma and with only mild discomfort for a day-or-two afterwards.
NHS does use these new procedures but, probably due to high demand and pressure, it is reluctant to offer them until we reach a stage (as varicose veins are a progressive disease) of some serious complications such as ulceration etc. So, a lot of us are left to live and walk about with a large, redundant and mostly stationary blood inventory in our legs causing pain and periodic inflammation (phlebitis), just waiting for the inevitable complications to multiply until the mighty NHS decides to do something about it other than prescribing elastic stockings!
So when I heard about the procedures being offered at The Cooden Medical Clinic I went for an assessment immediately. This private healthcare venture is led by a Leading Consultant and Specialist; Dr Mo Faris whom I had met previously in The Conquest hospital. He is well known not just to his many patients but also in the local media for his relentless innovation and personal drive. So when he examined me and recommended that I would benefit from EVLA treatment, I accepted without hesitation – I had lots of confidence in him already. Furthermore, the price was (and still is) a bargain considering how much follow-up and care it included and also, for me living within walking distance, the clinic was amazingly easy to attend. The clinic is strategically placed in Bexhill, almost equidistant between Hastings and Eastbourne so that there are lots of people around here who are spared having to trail to either town. When it came to the actual procedure, I was right not to be worried. Like at the dentist, the only slight pain was the local anaesthetic injection and rest was just mild discomfort. It is now standard to apply strict infection control whenever any interventionist procedures are applied, but I felt it was particularly scrupulous here, even more so than I have ever seen in The Conquest or elsewhere. There was no time pressure noticeable and the consultant, with the two nurses present was most helpful and willing to explain everything as it happened. Best of all, I was able to walk away afterwards without any difficulty at all. For two following weeks I have had to wear full-length elastic stockings (in the first week even at night) to keep the treated veins collapsed. After a few weeks, some veins have had to be re-injected with the foam and the overall results of the procedure were checked. So that concludes my own, totally independent opinion regarding The Cooden Medical Group. The clinic is quite new but very friendly and growing in popularity and I think still looking for new clients. So if you have a varicose veins problem do not suffer in silence and certainly do not hesitate to ask them for an assessment.  Prof L. Svarovsky, Bexhill, (12th January, 2016)

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