Those secret skin problems – and how we can treat them!

Here at THE COODEN MEDICAL GROUP we understand that the path to healthy, smooth skin can be fraught with all sorts of issues, from wrinkles, scars, spots, to stretch marks, problematic veins, eczema and excess hair. These are all irritating but all very treatable by our experts here at the clinic.

There are however, some skin complaints that many of us chose not to talk about; those embarrassing lumps, bumps that make us frown each time we notice them. The ones that make you want to cover up and wince when others touch or notice them. We are talking about SKIN TAGS, CYSTS, MOLES, LIPOMA AND WARTS. Although they are all very common, most of them are considered cosmetic problems, and so the NHS will not remove them.

However, the good news is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. We have experts who can remove your secret lumps and bumps, using a wide range of techniques, depending on the problem. Why not pop in and see us for a consultation to find out just how easy and cost effective treatment can be?

Before you do, here is some information that will help you identify your problem and show you how we can help:

Skin Tags

These affect men and women and although not dangerous, can be a big irritant, especially if they are on the face or are in areas that catch on clothing or jewellery. They appear as soft growths of excess skin, generally smaller than 1.3cm in size and can be flat or rounded.

They are attached to the rest of the skin by a thin stalk called penducle and are generally the same colour as the surrounding or may have a slightly darker pigmentation. Common sites for SKIN TAGS are the arms, face and places where there is friction skin with our clothing and for some people; they can also appear in alarming numbers.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we offer cutterage, which involves safely cutting off the tag, or diathermy, which uses an electrically induced high frequency current delivered by a thin needle or probe into the area. This procedure will cause the skin tag to dry up, so it simply falls off.

These treatments may be mildly uncomfortable so if you prefer, we can numb the area prior to treatment with some topical cream. It is important to stay out of the sun for a few weeks so the area can heal properly.


These can be identified as soft, fatty, harmless lumps that grow under the skin. LIPOMAS are small, roughly the size of a pea and are caused simply by an overgrowth of fat cells. They can appear anywhere in the body where there are fat cells, but most commonly on the shoulders, neck, chest, arms, thigh and buttocks.

We can remove lipoma by cutting the skin over the offending lump, and remove the fatty tissue beneath. This will be done under local anaesthetic, so the area will be numbed and thus the treatment painless. After the procedure, we will close the wound with stitches and you will be left with a very fine, thin scar.

Warts, epidermoid cysts, moles and more…

For all other lesions and even skin cancers, here at the clinic our experts employ a variety of techniques, from relatively simple biopsies to more complex surgical excisions, depending on the type and size of the lesion. We employ only proven techniques that will quickly and efficiently remove the problem, from cutterage to diathermy.

All of our treatments are quick and discrete with no extensive preparation required. We can carry your procedure out in our state-of-the-art clinic in Bexhill and in most cases it can performed using local or topical anaesthetic, so the treatment is painless.