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Contraception advice in Bexhill

Contraception advice

How do I choose the contraception that is best for me?

Choosing a type of contraception depends on your health, lifestyle and individual preference. If you have certain medical conditions, are overweight or smoke then your options may be more limited.

Some forms of contraception rely on you remembering to use them or take them at the right time to ensure they are effective. If this is a concern to you then you might prefer to use a method that lasts for months or even years, such as an injection, implant, or IUD and IUS. These can only be administered or fitted by a specially trained health professional.

If you would like to consult Miss Nair about contraception she will help you decide what options would be best for you. She will also prescribe, administer or fit your chosen contraception and advise you how to ensure that it works effectively.

What contraception options are available?

the pill

Combined pill

This contains the hormones oestrogen and progestogen. You have to remember to take it every day to be effective. It can help to regulate periods and make them less heavy and painful.

Progestogen only pill (mini pill)

The progestogen only pill can be a good option for women who cannot have contraception containing oestrogen. You have to remember to take it at the same time every day for it to be effective.

Contraceptive injection

This is a progestogen only injection that is given to you by your doctor. It lasts for 13 weeks so it means you don’t have to think about contraception every day.

Intrauterine Devices (IUD) and Intrauterine Systems (IUS)

IUD (Copper coil)

This is a small device made of copper that is inserted into your womb by a specially trained doctor or nurse. It releases copper rather than hormones to prevent you from becoming pregnant. It is effective for five to 10 years.

IUS (Hormonal coil)

This is a small device inserted into your womb by a specially trained doctor or nurse. It releases the hormone progestogen and is effective for five years at a time. Many women find it stops their periods altogether.


This is a permanent solution and should only be undertaken if you are absolutely sure that you don’t want any more children as it is very difficult to reverse. It involves a surgical procedure to seal off your fallopian tubes to prevent your eggs from reaching your womb.





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