To treat spider veins or thread veins

Spider & Thread Veins

Spider & Thread Veins


Spider veins and thread veins are the small, unsightly, superficial veins usually found in clusters on the legs. They are a common complaint with around 50% of the adult population suffering from these veins in the UK.

While they are most common on the thighs, calves, and ankles, they also appear on the face, especially surrounding the nose. This is a complaint that is more common with older age, which may sign that spider veins are in fact veins that are faulty in some way.

Although spider veins are not aesthetically pleasing, they are not dangerous. However, if not treated they will eventually spread or worsen over time and display symptoms including itching, discomfort or aching. Therefore, treatment is often a great idea for those who find their appearance unacceptable.

If you are genetically disposed to this condition, there is not much that can be done to prevent them. If you wish to avoid them, regular exercise and a healthy diet is recommended. To diminish the effects, you can try wearing tight or elastic clothing on the legs or portions of body that suffer.

Here at the Cooden Medical Group we suggest microsclerotherapy for treating spider and thread veins. In some cases we may recommend spider veins and thread veins are removed using our state of the art K Laser.  This enables us to perform treatments with the minimum of pain and discomfort for patients.


Microsclerotherapy is the relatively straightforward procedure technique we successfully use to treat spider or thread veins of the legs or body. The treatment involves injecting a liquid into the veins which destroys them and causes them to disappear over time.


As thread veins and spider veins are very tiny, a tiny needle is used to inject small amounts of sclerosant, which is the liquid that destroys the veins. The veins are so small that a very powerful magnifying glass with a strong circular light is used in order to get the very best view of the target thread veins or spider veins. As soon as the sclerosant is inside the vein, the vein needs to be compressed and this is done by taping a swab to the skin.

What results am I likely to get?

When treating thread veins there is no perfect results although round 80% of people experience a very good result cosmetically.

Prices start from £300 per half hour session
Consultation & Venous Doppler Ultrasound – £200

Initial Consultation For Microsclerotherapy

It is important to note that before any Microsclerotherapy is undertaken, it is essential to have a venous duplex ultrasound scan. This scan will confirm whether there are any hidden, underlying varicose veins which are feeding blood into the thread veins and keeping them open. *Failure to treat the underlying cause of the thread veins results in unsuccessful outcomes for the majority of people.





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