An Alternative treatment for varicose veins

in Bexhill, canterbury and london

Avulsions or
Stab Phlebectomy

Avulsions is the name of a technique which is normally carried out as a secondary treatment or combined with EVLA or occasionally foam sclerotherapy, to remove superficial varicose veins, but can also be the only part of an operation.

Avulsions treat the lumpy and unsightly veins which are more often than not caused by a faulty valve in the thigh or from within the pelvis.


This procedure should not be confused with ‘vein stripping’ a traditional method of removing varicose veins which involved removing the entire greater saphenous vein. This was a painful surgical procedure which often left patients debilitated for weeks.

In contrast, avulsions are minimally invasive and involve very little pain. They target the varicose veins themselves, rather than the saphenous vein which is usually treated with radiofrequency ablation or EVLA.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we use avulsions to improvement of the appearance of the legs and offer relief from pain, leg cramps, and fatigue that may be associated with lumpy varicose veins. This treatment may also prevention such disorders as thrombophlebitis.

Initial Consultation For avulsions

All our vein treatments require an initial, investigative consultation. We will perform a range of comprehensive diagnostic tests and scans, based on a foundation of Duplex Ultrasound Scanning, in preparation of any treatment plan. Here we will review your symptoms and exclude the likelihood of a deep vein thrombosis. Further to this, we can then create a unique treatment plan for you and accurately outline the type and cost of your procedure.



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