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Tattoo excision in Bexhill

Tattoo excision

Surgical tattoo removal is a quick and effective technique performed to remove tattoos using excision or skin graft.

Surgical tattoo removal is preferred over laser tattoo removal by people who wish to avoid several painful laser sessions or want an aesthetically pleasing result. Laser removal can leave pigment remnants and outlines of the original tattoo – surgery leaves a single scar.

The tattoo can be removed in one sitting or two depending on the size. Will leave a linear scar that fades over time.

The Tattoo Excision Procedure


Depending on the size of the tattoo, some can be removed in just one sitting. An oval shaped cut will be made around the skin and then the edges are stitched together.

In cases where the tattoo covers a big area of the skin and cannot be easily removed and stitched together, a comfortable amount is cut in the first session and more is cut again after allowing the treated area to heal.

Skin grafting is also a technique involved in surgical tattoo removal where skin from another part of the body is stitched onto the area of the removed skin to fill the gap. This is used for larger tattoos but is cosmetically less good than a straight line scar.

treatment summary

Recommended Age Range

18 and over

Treatments Required

One or Two

Procedure Time

20 minutes – 1hour




A small amount of discomfort following the procedure, although you should not feel anything during the procedure.


One day

Results Appear

Immediate removal but scar matures over 18 months.





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