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Split or stretched earlobe repair or reduction (Lobuloplasty)

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Flesh tunnels, flesh plugs and other heavy gauge jewellery can stretch the earlobes beyond the skin’s natural capacity to shrink back. Generally, a hole more than 10mm in diameter will remain stretched, but this will vary depending on how quickly the hole was stretched and a person’s natural skin elasticity. Many patients find the remaining hole unsightly and wish to recreate their original earlobe shape and some people simply feel that their lobes are too large.

Split or elongated earlobes are a common problem, caused by wearing heavy ear rings over many years, or using flesh tunnels to stretch the earlobe. A split earlobe can also be caused by an ear ring being tugged or caught, causing the earlobe to tear.

The Lobuloplasty Procedure

Earlobe repair surgery, known as Lobuloplasty, is performed under local anaesthetic in outpatients and will take approximately 30 – 45 minutes for both ears.

It’s a straightforward procedure whereby any excess tissue is removed and very fine stitches are then used to carefully repair split area.

The results will depend on the extent of the damage. Elongated holes or splits will repair with very minimal scarring. If the earlobe is very stretched they can be repaired but are less likely to look as natural as they once did.

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treatment summary

Recommended Age Range

18 and over

Treatments Required


Procedure Time

Up to one hour




A small amount of discomfort following the procedure, although you should not feel anything during the procedure.


7 days

Results Appear

After the bruising and swelling has started to go down you should start to see the results. The final results will show at 6 months following the procedure.

Results Last

Earlobes should be fully healed in 4 – 6 weeks



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