Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping

Non-Surgical Nose Reshaping Treatment

The size or shape of your nose can make a big difference to the way your face looks and if you are not happy, this can seriously affect self-confidence. If you want to change the size, then the only option is surgery, however, if you want only to change the shape, the good news is that you can do this via a non-surgical route.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we use dermal filler to achieve a preferred nose shape. Dermal filler rhinoplasty can straighten excess curvature in a curved or hook shaped nose, or plump out depressions and unevenness which could be your natural shape or due to an accident.

Dermal Fillers

Before and after of a dermal filler for non-surgical nose reshaping or nose job

This simple and painless procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid filler into areas around the nose which will effectively change the overall shape of your nose, or result in a straighter and more even profile. We can also carry out tip projection, which involves inserting filler into the tip of the nose to provide an upturned appearance, offering more symmetrical and defined contours.

This treatment resolves the need for a painful surgical nose job, which involves extensive down time and side effects including scar formation and loosening of nose cartilage. This procedure is quick, comfortable, and the effects are immediate, lasting up to one year.

Whatever the reason, why not come in and have a chat? We can offer you a free consultation to discuss your options and the results you wish to achieve.

Non-surgical Nose Job Summary

Recommended Age Range From 20
Treatments Required One
Procedure Time Approx. 10 minutes
Anaesthetic Yes
Discomfort Mild discomfort after treatment
Downtime None
Results Appear Immediately
Results Last One year

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