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(Hair Loss)

The term alopecia simple means ‘hair loss’ or ‘baldness’. This is a condition which is invariably distressing, it affects both men and women and can happen for a wide variety of reasons. There are a number of different forms of alopecia:

  • Alopecia areata causes patchy hair loss and occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks hair follicles
  • Alopecia universalis is the most advanced form of alopecia areata which results in complete body hair loss
  • Androgenetic alopecia is a hereditary condition also known as male or female pattern baldness which leads to thinning of the hair to an almost transparent state
  • Traction alopecia is usually due to excessive pulling or tension on hair shafts as a result of certain hair styles
  • Alopecia barbae is localised to the beard area either in a single bald patch or in all of the beard area
  • Alopecia totalis is all over baldness

When it comes to establishing why alopecia happens, scientists are still unsure, however stress can be a factor, it can be a sign of serious health problems or it can also be associated with chemotherapy. In addition, there are some skin conditions that affect the scalp, resulting in hair loss.

Recommended Treatments for Alopecia:

Although this condition cannot be ‘cured’, it can be treated. Here at The Cooden Medical Group we recommend the following treatments for alopecia:





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