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Cooden Treatments Pricing

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The Cooden Medical Group

Review our guide pricing for veins, aesthetics and skin treatments. Pricing can change depending on the severity of the condition.

Veins Treatments

Veins treatments are available at any of our clinics - in Bexhill, Canterbury and East Grinstead. See more information about our veins clinic.


  • Consultation & Venous Doppler Ultrasound - £200

If EVLA is recommended as primary treatment

  • EVLA Unilateral (Single) - £2,100
  • EVLA Unilateral (Multiple)/EVLA Bilateral - £2,900
  • Avulsions as an adjuvant treatment - £600
  • Initial follow-up review at 8-weeks post-op - free of charge
  • Foam Sclerotherapy (if required) - £300 unilateral / £500 bilateral
  • Additional follow-ups - first six months - £150
  • Additional follow-ups - after six months - £200

If EVLA is not required

  • Foam Sclerotherapy (per session) - unilateral £600 / bilateral £800
  • Avulsions (per session) - unilateral £600 / bilateral £800
  • Microsclerotherapy (per session) - £300

Aesthetic & Skin Treatments

Aesthetic and skin treatments are only available at our clinic in Bexhill. See more information about our skin treatments and aesthetics packages.

  • Consultation - free
  • 8 Point Face Lift - £1200
  • Botox® - start from £150 for women & £190 for men
  • Dermal Fillers - start from £200 per area
  • Chemical Peels - treatment dependent
  • Dermalux LED Light Rejuventation - start from £50 per session
  • Dermaroller - start from £200 per area
  • Dermapen - start from £100 for small scars / £200 per session
  • Laser Skin Resurfacing - starts from £200 per area
  • Mesotherapy - £80 for hair & £130 for face and body
  • MyLash Eyelash Enhancement - starts from £40
  • Sculptra - starts from £360 per vial


  • "True excellence, would not hesitate to recommend. Thank you team, you are all wonderful."
  • "Always felt welcomed, always felt well informed, always felt taken care of. Thank you Dr Faris & Shannen!"
  • “I received a very high standard of care from initial consultation to after treatment. All staff were unfailingly polite and courteous and I would recommend the clinic unreservedly.”
  • “I was very satisfied with the treatment and Dr. Mo Faris carried out the procedure in a very efficient and professional way. I wouldn't hesitate to have any further problem carried out at your clinic.”
  • “Excellent reception welcome and procedure on my legs was very quick and painless. Thank you all. I would definitely recommend The Cooden Medical Group.”
  • "The clinic made my whole procedure as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Would certainly recommend Dr Faris and his team to my friends and family."
  • "Very professional, friendly staff with a good range of treatments on offer to make me look and feel better."