Ultrasound Scans & Joint injections

How Much Does A Private Ultrasound Scan Cost?

How Much Does A Private Ultrasound Scan Cost?

Our private ultrasound prices start at £150. This is much less than you would pay at London clinics and, unlike some clinics, your scan will be conducted by a Consultant Radiologist, who is an expert in ultrasound diagnostics.

We specialise in musculoskeletal diagnosis using ultrasound scans and highly targeted ultrasound guided injections for pain relief.

We offer a wide range of services, providing private scans both for patients with medical insurance and those wishing to pay themselves.

Our ultrasound scan prices depends on the location and number of areas you are having scanned. If you are having an ultrasound guided injection the costs will be higher.

Ultrasound Costs

Elbow Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one elbow, £225 for both elbows

Wrist Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one elbow, £225 for both elbows

Hip Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one hip, £225 for both hips

Knee Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one knee, £225 for both knees

Ankle Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one ankle, £225 for both ankles

Foot Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one foot, £225 for both feet

Soft Tissue/Tendon Ultrasound Cost

£150 for one area, £225 for two areas

Ultrasound Guided Injection Costs

PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Injection Costs

We offer PRP injections combined with an ultrasound scan for tendinopathy in the shoulder, wrist or knee. A single injection costs £350. If you require two injections, for example both shoulders, the cost is £525.

Ultrasound Guided Steroid Injection Costs

We offer ultrasound guided steroid injections into the wrist, shoulder, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, foot and other joints. A single injection is £250. If you require two injections, for example in both knees the cost is £400.

Ultrasound Guided Synvisc Injection Costs

OurSynvisc is a treatment for osteoarthritis of the knee. We offer ultrasound guided Synvisc injections for £350 for one knee or £500 for both knees.

Ultrasound Guided Ostenil Injection Costs

OurOstenil is a treatment for osteoarthritis in the joints. We offer ultrasound guided Ostenil injections for £250 for an injection in one location or £350 for two injections in separate locations.

What Is The Benefit of An Ultrasound Guided Injection?

Our Ultrasound Guided Injections enable the radiologist to precisely target the painful area and this typically means these injections offer better pain relief than non-guided injections

How Much Does A Steroid Injection Cost Privately?

An ultrasound guided Steroid injection costs £250 if you are injected in one part of your body and £400 for two locations.

Where Can I Have A Private Ultrasound?

Our Ultrasound Clinic is based in Little Common Rd, Little Common, Bexhill, Bexhill-on-Sea

Will My Medical Insurance Pay For My Private Ultrasound Scan?

In most cases, yes but you’ll need to check with your insurance company first. Before you can have a scan at our clinic you’ll need a pre-authorisation from your insurance company to confirm they will pay.

Can I Pay For A Private Ultrasound Scan?

Yes, many of our ultrasound patients are self-pay. You do not need a GP or Consultant referral. Just call us and we can arrange an appointment for your private ultrasound scan with a consultant radiologist at our London clinic.

Do You Offer Pregnancy Ultrasound Scans?

No, unfortunately we cannot offer ultrasound scans for pregnancy or women’s health issues. We focus on ultrasound scans to enable accurate diagnosis of musculoskeletal conditions and pain management through ultrasound guided injections.

Will I Get My Ultrasound Scan Results Straight Away?

Yes, using the ultrasound machine your radiologist will be able to see the results of your scan straight away. One of the benefits of using ultrasound is your scan can give you a fast and accurate diagnosis.

OurUltrasound is a non-invasive technique which used high frequency sound waves to scan your body. As the sound waves bounce back the ultrasound machine is able to build up an image of your soft tissue which enables a skilled clinician to diagnose and treat your condition.

treatment summary

Recommended Age Range

From 18

Treatments Required





A small amount of discomfort during the procedure although local anaesthetic can be used on the area to help with any pain.


You should expect some discomfort for between 3-7 days






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The clinic is situated on the corner of Little Common Road and Peartree Lane, directly on the Little Common roundabout opposite the pelican crossing. There is two hour restricted parking on the nearby roads.