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Barbotage injections

Barbotage can be extremely effective for reducing pain in calcific tendinopathy. At The Cooden Medical Group we use a specialised technique known as Barbotage – a technique which involves the use of both local anaesthetic and corticosteroid. During the procedure the calcium deposit will be broken up and aspirated (drawn up in the syringe) where possible

Calcific tendonitis (or tendinopathy) refers to calcium deposits found within the tendon, usually the rotator cuff tendon of the shoulder, which can vary significantly in size. The calcific deposits, if large enough, will usually be seen on x-ray. They are often not visible on MRI scan and so can get missed on this imaging. Ultrasound scan is usually the best modality for identifying calcific tendinopathy and also allows much more detailed analysis of the size and exact positioning and nature of the deposits which may affect the best approach to treatment.

Generally this treatment allows the patients pain to be reduced enough in order to carry out enough physiotherapy to regain movement and eliminate discomfort.


treatment summary

Recommended Age Range

From 18

Treatments Required





A small amount of discomfort during the procedure although local anaesthetic can be used on the area to help with any pain.


You should expect some discomfort for between 3-7 days




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