Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small growths attached to the skin and commonly arise around the armpits, neck, breasts or even eyelids. Usually small, skin-coloured growths, they can vary in size and appearance, often appearing knobbly or hanging from the skin. Many people choose to have skin tags removed as they can feel conscious of their appearance or experience discomfort if they are irritated by fabric or clothing.

Expert Skin Clinic

If you are concerned about the appearance of skin tags or have noticed more on your body than you are comfortable with, skin specialist and local GP, Dr Suneeta Kochhar runs a specialist skin clinic at Cooden Medical Group and offers advice and treatments for a range of skin imperfections.

Your first step will be an initial consultation for an examination and to discuss your concerns. Dr Kochhar will fully examine you to rule out any other areas of concern. This will be followed by an appointment for the skin tag excision, and if appropriate, a follow-up consultation.

  • Can you remove skin tags on the eyelids?

    Yes. Skin tags, including those from near your eyes, can be removed or frozen off with liquid nitrogen. If you are having this treatment, we do not recommend you drive yourself home, so bring a friend to the clinic with you. We can explain this further at your consultation.

    Does skin tag removal hurt?

    Following a skin tag excision, your skin may feel irritated or appear slightly discoloured, but this is not unusual and will relieve itself after a short while.

    Do I need to take any time off work?

    It is unlikely that you will need time away from work for skin tag removal, but this all depends on your individual requirements and the type of work that you do. If you have a local anaesthetic, then are able drive to and from hospital on the day of your operation.

    We will be able to advise you around this further during your initial consultation.

  • Skin consultations start from £200.

    Treatment costs are inclusive of consultation. Get in touch for more information.

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