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Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that usually starts with a tendency to blush easily, with symptoms appearing as a rash of redness of the nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Flair ups tend to be sporadic and in severity and are most commonly triggered by diet and environmental factors. Rosacea predominantly affects middle aged and fair skinned people and is more common in women, but more severe in men.

As well as the ‘rash’, rosacea is also characterised by flushing, dilated blood vessels, small red bumps and tiny, pus-filled spots. The skin may become sensitive, hot, stingy and uncomfortable.

Occasionally, the nose may become enlarged due to an overgrowth of the oil-secreting glands on the nose, a condition which is more common in men. Some people also experience an uncomfortable inflammation of the surface of the eyes and eyelids. It is no wonder many sufferers experience low self-esteem, anxiety and even depression as a result.

There are a variety of trigger factors that may make rosacea worse; common culprits are alcohol, exercise, high and low temperatures, spicy foods, hot drinks, stress and natural sunlight. Although there is no proven genetic link, rosacea is reported to run in some families.

Although the cause of rosacea is unknown, some believe bacteria on the skin or in the gut is a factor and in some cases antibiotics have proven a successful treatment.

Recommended treatments for Rosacea:

Although rosacea is currently incurable, long-term treatments can be very effective in shortening and lessening flair ups. In addition to treatment, we will endeavour to establish what your personal rosacea triggers are, and help you find ways to avoid them.

Dermalux LED Rejuvenation

Dermalux LED Rejuvenation is ideal for patients who have mild cases of rosacea, but also as a complement to laser therapy for more severe cases. The waves have an anti-inflammatory effect which helps calm and reduce redness almost immediately.

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Laser Skin Treatments

Laser Skin Treatment is highly recommended for rosacea. We use vascular laser treatment and LV,SR,SRA to reduce facial capillaries, veins and redness.

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Topical Homecare Treatments

Topical Homecare Treatments can offer effective relief from the symptoms of rosacea. We use Obagi® and can create individual programmes to fit individual needs, depending on the requirements of each patient.

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  • Is rosacea contagious?

    No. Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition and you can’t catch it by sharing a towel with a family member or touching someone’s face.

    How will you diagnose rosacea?

    We will recognise rosacea immediately just by looking at your skin. Rosacea differs from acne as the skin is not extra-greasy, blackheads and scarring are not evident, flushing is however common and there will be a background of reddened skin.

    What causes rosacea?

    Unfortunately, scientists still don’t fully understand the underlying causes of rosacea, although there are a number of theories and increasingly, experts believe rosacea may have multiple causes. Hopefully there will be a breakthrough to enable immediate improvement in symptoms.

    Is rosacea a type of acne?

    No. The confusion here is that rosacea used to be referred to as acne rosacea, as some times the facial redness and flushing symptoms are accompanied by tiny spots. Rosacea is simply an inflammatory skin condition which has different causes and treatments.

    Is rosacea caused by drinking alcohol?

    No, but alcohol can trigger a flare-up of symptoms. In the past, rosacea sufferers who experienced skin thickening or redness around the nose (a condition called phytamus rosacea) have been unfairly labelled as being heavy drinkers which is unfair as the two are very much unrelated.

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