Enlarged Pores

  • enlarged pores can be treated at the Cooden Medical Centre
  • enlarged pores can be tightened with chemical peels, mesotherapy, prp therapy or prescribed topical homecare treatments

Enlarged pores can be one of the most tricky skin related problems to treat, and most people who feel they have tried everything, end up using products or treatments that end up making the problem far worse.

While the size of our pores is largely determined by hereditary factors, some pores on our faces tend to be larger than others due of the size of the hair follicle and oil gland. Barely visible on those prone to drier skin, individuals with oily, thicker skin tend to have larger looking, more noticeable pores. Sun damage is another cause. As we age, one of the ways sun damage affects the skin is through the enlargement of the pores.

There are many factors that worsen the problem, including poor exfoliation, sun damage, ageing and poor hygiene as dirt, oil and dead skin cells can build up making pores look bigger.

Using alcohol based products may make pores look temporarily smaller, however in the long term this will actually encourage oil glands to over-produce oil, leading to an increase in the size of pores. So what do you do?

Recommended treatments for Enlarged Pores:

Here at The Cooden Medical Group we offer a number of treatments that can reduce the appearance of enlarged pores, all of which can be tailored to your problem and requirements:

Chemical Peels

With using Chemical Peels we recommend a medium depth Retinol peel for those with enlarged pores to deep clean the pores, remove blackheads, fight acne, even out, smooth and brighten skin tone. All of these benefits help reduce the look of enlarged pores.

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Mesotherapy involves microinjecting microscopic amounts of a customised solution of amino acids, vitamins, minerals and medical grade pharmaceuticals to the upper and middle skin layers. These nutrients will trigger the healing and rejuvenation process and lessen the appearance of enlarged pores.

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PRP Therapy

PRP Therapy stimulates the generation of new tissue in the skin as the platelets release growth factors into the body; promoting self-repair. Skin will grow back healthier, appearing more radiant and plump, with a much improved smoother skin tone.

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Topical Homecare Treatments

Topical treatments can effectively improve the appearance of enlarged pores. We recommend Obagi’s Clenziderm Pore Therapy® or Therapeutic Lotion or products from the Nu-Derm range.

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  • Why do I have pores?

    Pores are the tiny openings on skin surface. In a normal state they are almost invisible to our eyes, however as we age they can become more noticeable. It is from these tiny pores the oil produced from sebaceous glands (oil glands) reaches the surface of skin, keeping it moist and healthy.

    Are enlarged pores a common complaint?

    Are enlarged pores a common complaint?

    Why are my pores enlarged?

    Genetics play a part in every aspect of our lives and pore size is no different. People who are prone to drier skin often have pores that are barely visible while individuals with oily, thicker skin tend have larger, more obvious pores.

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