Coil Fitting and Removal at the Cooden Medical Group

Coil Fitting and Removal

How is the contraceptive coil fitted?

At The Cooden Medical Group we fit both the IUD (copper) Coil and the IUD (hormonal) Coil. Both are very small, T shaped devices which are placed by a medical professional into your womb. Your clinician will use a speculum to hold open your vagina and the coil is inserted into your womb via your cervix. The procedure will only takes minutes but you may experience some mild pain, you can of course ask your clinician to stop at any time and if necessary local anaesthetic can be used during the procedure.

How does the contraceptive coil work?

The Copper coil releases copper into the womb which alters your cervical mucus, therefore preventing sperm reaching an egg and stopping an egg from being able to implant itself onto the lining of the uterus.

The hormonal coil works in a similar way to the copper coil, however rather than copper being released it releases the hormone progestogen into the womb. A hormonal coil can quite often prevent you from releasing an egg every month.

When can I have the contraceptive coil fitted?

You can have the contraceptive coil fitted at any point during your cycle however you should use condoms for the first seven days.

Will I feel any side effects after having the contraceptive coil fitted?

After the contraceptive coil (copper or hormonal) has been fitted it is likely that you will experience abdominal cramps which will feel similar to period pains. The reason cramping occurs is simply due to the fact that your cervix has been opened and the cramps should decrease and then stop a couple of weeks after insertion. You might also experience some spotting for the same reason.

How is the contraceptive coil removed?

In order to remove the contraceptive coil, your clinician will ask you to lie on a medical bed with your legs bent and apart. A speculum will be gently inserted into your vagina to widen the opening. Your clinical will then use a tool to pull on the strings of the coil, the arms on the T shape coil will go up and the coil will be removed. This process will only take minutes providing there are no complications.

How often should I replace the contraceptive coil?

You should change your contraceptive coil between 5 – 10 years depending on the type of coil that you have.

How much should I expect to pay to have a contraceptive implant fitted or removed at The Cooden Medical Group?

Copper Coil Fitting £250
Hormonal Coil Fitting £350
Coil Removal £150

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