Secret Weapons to Combat Hair Loss

Hair loss (aka alopecia) is a very emotive topic and for good reason. Our hair is fundamental to how we view ourselves; it is firmly attached to our self-image, so it figures that when if we start to see hair falling and thinning it can be devastating and in severe cases, life altering.

secret to surviving hair loss

Hair loss can make us feel older, it can take away our sexual identify, make us feel inferior, unattractive; it can steal confidence and create low level, on-going depression. It can also affect our career prospects, as research shows that worrying about thinning hair makes some of us less likely to push ourselves forward. Whatever the situation, thinning hair can be a barrier to performing our best, looking our best, feeling our best and ultimately, being our best.

Here at The Cooden Medical Group our motto is ‘Strength in Confidence’ and so we take hair loss seriously, working with our experts to bring you the most effective solutions. We start by looking at the potential cause, and select the treatment we feel will offer you the greatest benefit, and if they don’t we look at other options. We have had impressive results with three exciting treatments, one of which could be right for you…

Mesotherapy for Hair Loss

Although we use mesotherapy as a non-surgical treatment for a wide range of skin conditions, it has also shown to produce impressive results on hair loss. Mesotherapy involves applying multiple fine injections using a specially designed applicator, directly into the affected area, delivering a uniquely tailored cocktail of minerals, vitamins and other compounds including DHT blockers. The process increases the blood flow to the area and along with the solution, nourishes the existing follicles and promotes new hair growth.

We recommend mesotherapy for both men and women with thinning hair and suggest it is used when the first signs of a problem arise. The procedure is safe for most people, with no side effects or allergic reactions. The treatment is only mildly painful as insertion is only just beneath the skin, between the layer of fats and skin tissue – some patients describe the sensation as similar to waxing.

PRP Therapy for Hair Loss

prp therapy for hair loss

PRP hair loss therapy is a very natural, safe and innovative treatment that is offering very promising results in helping stimulate dormant hair follicles. PRP stands for ‘Platelet Rich Plasma’, which is produced by taking a little of your blood and then treating it in a centrifuge so that only the enriched cells or platelets remain. The resulting fluid contains a concentrate of up to 5X the normal blood values, which has been proven to help increase tissue regeneration and wound healing.

This blood is then delivered into the affected areas of the scalp with a thin needle, allowing the growth factors in your blood cells do their job, naturally stimulating hair growth. The benefits of using PRP treatment is that it can thicken thinned out hair and also make hair transplants grow thicker and healthier.

We can use PRP therapy alone to promote hair growth or in combination with your on-going hair transplant or restoration surgery. Please be aware, if your hair follicles are completely lost, this procedure is less likely to help you and as such we would suggest other options.

Dermaroller for Hair Loss

dermaroller hair loss treatment

For treating hair loss we use Dermaroller, a patented micro-needling device, for a wide range of skin concerns, as well as an effective treatment for hair loss. Dermaroller is fitted with 192 specially constructed micro-needles which help trigger the production of human growth factor. When the needles are rolled along the skin, they cause microscopic indentations in a deeper layer of skin, called the dermis.

The body then must work to produce new skin in the area of the wound and releases the human growth hormone and other chemicals to assist with this process. When these chemicals are released they also stimulate the growth of hair in the affected area, which can help begin regrowth in areas of thinning.

Referrals for Hair Loss

Here at The Cooden Medical Group, our mission is to ensure that all our patients have a smooth journey and the best possible outcome, every time. We are confident that the treatments we offer for hair loss are highly effective however they don’t work for everyone. If you don’t get the results you deserve we will refer you on, to ensure you do. We will discuss this with you after a thorough examination, discounting other complementary treatments and ensure that you are happy with the process.

If you wish to speak to us about your problem or are interested in a treatment not mentioned here, why not give us call?

Our teams of dedicated staff are discreet and caring and when it comes to consultations, our experts have the time to sit down really listen to your problems; doing all they can to find the right solution for you.

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