New Vein Clinic Opens in Canterbury

A new medical facility to treat patients with varicose and other problem veins is opening in Canterbury in February.

The Canterbury Clinic is part of Cooden Medical Group which is led by Dr Mo Faris, a consultant in vascular and interventional radiology. He opened the first vein clinic in Bexhill, East Sussex in 2013 and is now bringing his expertise to Kent. Dr Faris will be joined by medical colleagues from Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Dr Robert Kaikini, who is also a vascular and interventional radiology consultant, and Mr Jawaharlal Senaratne, a vascular surgeon. The three doctors will offer the latest treatments for all types of vein problems.

It is thought that a quarter of the adult population have vein conditions, but unless there are exceptional circumstances, treatment is not usually available on the NHS. The launch of The Canterbury Clinic will mean patients can have the latest treatments without needing a long stay in hospital.

Dr Faris said: “The old way to treat varicose veins involved a fairly major procedure to “strip” out the affected veins under general anaesthetic but the development of a technique using lasers has changed all that. At the Cooden Clinic we use this and other minimally invasive procedures which means patients can walk in, have their treatment and walk out again in a matter of a couple of hours.”

“Varicose veins are a problem for a number of people – current figures suggest that 30% of women and 15% of men are affected by them. While they don’t bother some people, for others varicose veins can cause pain, swelling and restless legs. Many patients are also self-conscious about wearing shorts or skirts. Our aim is to provide safe, effective treatment in a comfortable and convenient location.”

The Canterbury Clinic is located at All Health Matters, Orchard Close Mews, Orchard Street.