Cooden Medical Group’s Beverly nominated for Mentoring Award

Beverly Moore, our operations manager has been named as one of the finalists for Mentor of the Year in the Business Women Excellence Awards. She has been selected for her leadership skills and the positive impact she has had on the business.

Beverly joined Cooden Medical Group in May 2016 and during the last 17 months has helped the business to grow significantly. She has developed new services including a regular skin clinic, a gynaecology clinic and a vasectomy clinic, in partnership with local GPs. She has also expanded the business geographically by establishing a new vein clinic in Canterbury.

The initial nomination for the award was made by Lisa Manning who is the Clinic Co-ordinator. Her application was supported by testimonials from Receptionist, Jo Vinall and Therapist, Shannen Woods.

Lisa said: “Beverly deserves recognition for her care, consideration and unparalleled guidance as a leader. Since joining the clinic last May, she has built a stable and loyal team who enjoy working at the clinic and have learnt so much from her.

“As a predominantly female team, it is fantastic to have an experienced, successful and considerate female role model as your senior, that you can learn from and who actively encourages young women to achieve goals and succeed in their careers,” said Lisa.

Dr Mo Faris, Founder of the Cooden Medical Group, said: “I’m delighted for Beverly – she thoroughly deserves this award. The business has grown categorically in the last 17 months and this is unarguably down to Beverly’s experience and team guidance. She is passionate about her role and staff and cares deeply about both employees and the business equally, which can only mean great things for the future of the clinic and our team.”

The finals for the awards are to be held on November 24 at the Hilton Hotel in Brighton so we will update you on the results at the end of the month!